samedi 20 octobre 2007

Blue-skinned aliens

Anyone who is a fan of that Freemasonic Star Trek program will know that the Vulcans are supposed to be the Jews. Kirk being the Church (Kirk = Church), at the head of the Enterprise.

Not being "anti-Semitic" here, just a plain old fact. Leonard Nimoy based many of the inherent cultural traits of the Vulcans upon his own Jewish heritage. The "live long and prosper" hand gesture, for example, is the blessing of the Kohanim (Jewish High Priests). The ceremonial breastplate worn by Vulcan High Priests is almost identical to that worn by the Kohanim as well, complete with the Urim and Tumim stones.

I personally love the Jews. Especially their attractive women. Especially their attractive women stand-up comedians (Sarah Silverman and her gorgeous sister). But I digress.

Most conspiracy theory sites seem to be inherently anti-Semitic, and understandably so. Everywhere you look in the conspirary theory world (or simply in the world in general), there are the Jews. Owning the banks. Controlling the media. Israel being not-very-nice and such. But this is merely a vast distraction.

The Rothschild family is suspect number one in most circles. And their actions ARE questionable. And, honestly, who WOULDN'T want to rule the world? But they are nothing more than scapegoats, as all-ways.

Want proof? Just open up the Encyclopaedia Judaica, and what do they have to say about the Rothschilds? That they're historically the TREASURERS of the VATICAN.

"All roads lead to Rome", remember? You want to get away with murder? Put the knife in a Jew's hand, and hide behind him. Don't worry, the angry mob will never suspect you, not when they have a bloody Jew to blame. Its so easy to fool the fools.

The New World Order? Nothing more than a New Holy Roman Empire, with the White Pope as the Emperor, and the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuit Order, as Darth Vader. And those traitorous collaborators the Rothschilds as the court jesters, I imagine. Way to go, you've sold your soul and condemned your own people (along with the rest of the human race) just so that you may get to wear a funny hat.

But the Vatican and the Jesuits aren't really at the top of the pyramid of power of the "Illuminati", there's something more, above them. There all-ways is.

Yes, all roads lead to Rome, but there's one road that leads from Rome to somewhere else.

Blue-skinned aliens, perhaps? Venusians are said to have blue skin, and blue blood as well. Hmmm...

Maybe when they say that they worship the "Morning Star", they're not talking about the fallen angel Lucifer. Maybe they literally mean the planet Venus. I'm sure Orejona knows.

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aferrismoon a dit…

Essentially what's in a name. I imagine that at the highest levels of the power structures all = strategy. Race , religion do their distractive work .
None of them are unified yet they tend to think like evryone else is.
As Bucky-Fuller points out no points surfaces exist, frequency modulation

aferrismoon a dit…

And I had written mine closely to Adam Stars blue article. I was inspired by Gosporns Blue Meanie

aferrismoon a dit…

Oh and check the doors picture in the article Royal jelly just b4 the bluegenes one.

JB a dit…

Aferrismoon, I just saw it: "JB"

Bloody hell.

The Freemasonic Twin Towers J and B, James Bond, Jason Bourne (the American James Bond), me...

Well, I knew that my name was resonant of my former self Achilles (Jacobus = "taken by the heel", Blackstream = like the River Styx), but now I also synchro-mystically/meta-logically resonate with 9/11 and British SIS, which is no co-incidence, since British SIS actually perpetrated 9/11.

And now I need some acetaminophen.

Michael a dit…

Awesome post! Blue skin, Jews and Venusians!

"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." Rev:22:16.

Just how many Morning Stars ARE there?

FilmNoir23 a dit…

Not to belabor any points (this is a GREAT post BTW) but Jews (as we know them) have historically been ONLY allowed to work with money. So, any results of that come from those who have designated that they do so.

Hence, I believe that your insights are VERY correct. Just my opinion...

aferrismoon a dit…

As far as Jew Christians and Moslems go , and perhaps others, they seem to believe in one god, and who doesn't believe as they - damned, or a dog, or some other spurious non-name like Kaffir - a happy semitic name well used in Apartheid South Africa. Personally I don't think anyone's forced to do anything, and that starts with believing that some people are chosen by God and others aren't and as such deserve all they get.
These 3 aspects of Abrahamism have brought a lot of shit on peole who were probably minding their own business, until , until , aaaah whatever, soem freak with a big stick and a book and 40,000 men.
I would like all the Abrahamists to go into the desert for 40 days and nights , pray with hearts a flame and wait for the manna or whatever their god is going to give them. If they give up before the 40 days they can keep quiet about their divisive , tawdry little clown show acts for all time. If they manage the 40 days then perhaps they'll show the humility that no doubt they've learned and keep quiet etc etc.....

Adam Star a dit…

Another JB is John the Baptist, and he would certainly be involved with M now wouldn't he?

I rather see all systems of religion, philosophy, symbolism, etc. as being a media which one can utilize for good, bad, or indifferent. Designating any single group as sinister (be it Jew, Muslim, Christian, Freemason, or Blue Person) is just a nasty way to keep the blinders on the masses. That's my opinion at least.

Don't Vulcan's have blue blood due to being cobalt based rather than iron or something?

JB a dit…

JB = John the Baptist, of course.

No, Vulcans have GREEN blood. But real-life human royalty and nobility ARE said to have "blue blood".