jeudi 18 octobre 2007

M, or "All roads lead to Rome"

M for... Mu, perhaps? As in LeMuria, Mother of all Mystery schools?

Another "JB" answered to "M" as well, if I remember correctly, as in "On her Majesty's secret service".

So which is it? The Crown of England or the Pope?

Maybe Mario knows...

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FilmNoir23 a dit…

Mario is Italian after all...that screen capture made me laugh so hard. Can you believe that shit?

If I didn't know any better I'd say that you were actually Ben Fairhall incognito now that he's flown the coop.

I will check in while you are're quite a card my friend. I love ya!

soundlessdawn a dit…

I think the true "M" is so hidden.. we'll never even get a peak at him.

JB a dit…

Didn't think I'd have any time for internet today.

Rasputin/Aleister Crowley resonator/legendary comic book writer Alan Moore believed that "M" was none other than Sherlock Holmes' arch-nemesis Professor James MORIARTY, who would have secretly been both leader of British Intelligence and leader of the Freemasons.

I still think "M" merely stands for Mu/LeMuria/Mother of all Mystery schools.

Then again, the letter M might simply symbolically represent the two pillars of the Sun and Saturn with the V of Venus between them, the Holy Trinity after all.

aferrismoon a dit…

Jacobus Burgundius Molensis, the original IBM if u swop I for J, as is usual with latin