mercredi 17 octobre 2007

The Return of Saturn

The mysterious "hot spot" at the tip of Saturn's south pole, the ONLY warm polar vortex in the entire solar system. Notice the black square, at the bottom right.

The mysterious hyper-dimensional, honeycomb-resonating hexagon at Saturn's north pole, strong evidence that a superior intelligence is manifesting itself within the ringed giant. Again, notice the black square, at the top right.

The black square has always been an esoterical symbol for Saturn, it being the black sun/dark star. Of course, according to astronomers and NASA, these black squares are nothing more than "missing information".

I meta-logically agree, something IS missing in-formation.

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mark leclair a dit…

Count me in as a regular reader. Your pal...

Da WWWiz

FilmNoir23 a dit…

You have got to check out what's going down at my site and Steve Willner's.

It appears that the new Super Mario Galaxy game is all about BEES and outer space. Also, each planet that Mario travels to has a black hole directly below it's SOUTH pole.

you're going to have a field day.