mercredi 24 octobre 2007

Tom Cruise: Sleeper agent of the Illuminati?

The night Lady Diana died, a little over ten years ago, I had just turned the channel to CNN. I woke my parents up, and we watched what seemed like a complete surprise to the world. They couldn't get anywhere near the "accident" itself, so all we could see on tv was a light at the end of the tunnel.

And then Tom Cruise's voice came on the air. I don't know if anyone else remembers this, but Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were two of the last people to have spent time with Di and Dodi before their deaths. Tom Cruise was talking to the CNN reporter live on the telephone, talking about how this was a complete surprise to him, that he just had dinner with her only a short while before. This always stayed in my mind for some reason.

Years later, when I found out, as we all did, that Lady Diana had actually been murdered as a part of an occult ritual sacrifice, I was stunned. And yet, it all made sense. Especially with the "Christ of Scientology" being present at the time.

The real trigger in my head occurred when I saw a documentary about the Lincoln assassination years later still. One of the historians being interviewed stated, and I quote (from memory): "When John Wilkes Booth shot the President, it was a complete surprise to everyone, I mean, he was famous, the most popular American actor of his time, he was the Tom Cruise of his time."

The pieces of the meta-logical puzzle began to tumble into place. Tom Cruise, someone who is obviously subject to mind-control (we know this due to his erratic behavior), was present when Lady Diana had her "accident", and was most probably directly involved on a very important level.

The perfect sleeper agent. Who would suspect the "most popular American actor of his time" of secretly being a highly-trained killing machine? This world is controlled by the Illuminati, you don't get to the top without their say-so, without them messing around with your thoughts, memories and personality in order to better control you.

Tom Cruise can go up to President Bush with his giant maniacal grin and shake his hand without anyone even thinking about stopping him. What's Dubya's Illuminati codename again? "Temporary"?

I'd watch my back if I were you, Dubya. John Wilkes Booth v2 might be coming your way (as soon as he's done turning his 26 year-old clueless virgin wife into yet another brainwashed breeder for the Elite).

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JB a dit…

It should also be noted that Tom Cruise's cousin is William Mapother, who plays Ethan Rom in LOST.

He also starred in Mission Impossible 2 (with his cousin Tom), World Trade Center (Nicolas Cage-9/11 connection there) and in the excellent (yet short-lived) tv series Threshold, about fractal alien beings from another dimension changing human beings' DNA using a specific sound frequency.

Michael a dit…

Hi JB, fantastic work. The actors may change, but the archetypal characters repeat over and over again. I would expect you to be especially sensitive to "Trojan Horses/Manchurian Candidates" - there appear to be so many of them these days.

I've often considered that the perfect start of WWIII would be the assassination of GWB.

FilmNoir23 a dit…

Don't forget he was supposed to have been killed Oct, 19th 2007

Adam Star a dit…

Hmm, and Eyes Wide Shut of course, and Vanilla Sky, Minority Report and War of the Worlds.

I once heard GW's secret service code name was 'Tumbler', rather interesting, yet I can't help thinking that his family are the shooters and not the shootees.

kean a dit…

great picture of tom over at my blog. hes such a nut its great

aferrismoon a dit…

Cherie Blair [ nee Booth] , wife of Tony Blair is a descendant of JWB, and her father is an actor , famous for setting himself on fire while trying to get into his house one night while extremely drunk. One can only wonder

hoi polloi a dit…

Wow I had almost forgotten about Tom being quoted around the time of Diana's death. Yes I do remember this, wow.