samedi 27 octobre 2007

The Venus/Mars War, the Fall of Atlantis and California rising from its ashes

I'm going off on a meta-logical binge here, so bare with me.

Did you know that "California" was originally one of the Spanish names of the fabled island of Atlantis? Neither did I, God bless my trusty old Webster's. So, symbolically, Atlantis has been burning for the last week or so. Wrap your head around that one.

I personally think that Atlantis was the planet Mars, for two main reasons: it has been scientifically proven that every human race and every living thing on Earth follows a biological clock of 24 hours, one Earth day. Except for the White race, we follow a biological clock of 25 hours, one Mars day. Also, certain Native American tribes, such as the Navajo, believe that the White race came from Atlantis, which they call the "Old Red Earth". The "Old Red Earth" is also their name for the planet Mars. Hmmm...

We've been talking about Venus a lot lately, as well as the Knights Templar finally getting their revenge. The people of Venus were said to have blue skin and blue blood, while Mars is reknown as being the red planet of war. Blue versus red? Hasn't practically every war in human history been about "blue" versus "red"?

Venus, in eternal opposition to Mars, Mars being the original Atlantis, California being the modern resonator for Atlantis through its name, California being set on fire as the Knights Templar are being exonerated, the New World Order being the New Atlantis, see a pattern emerging here?

Am I completely lost, or am I almost there?

And am I the only one who has noticed that the planet Mars is on the mission patch of Discovery STS-120, just behind the moon? Mars, Atlantis, California burning...

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Michael a dit…

Hi JB, that's really great. Ahnold, the savior of Mars/California, and Prince Conan of Atlantis/Lemuria.

He certainly had a "titanic" physique, and was crowned Mr. Olympia (Zeus), king of the bodybuilder gods. Joe Weider nicknamed him the "Austrian Oak" when he sponsored him from the old country. He Married a Kennedy, which symbolically makes him Catholic (red) as well.

soundlessdawn a dit…

"Biological clock of 25 hours, one Mars day." This is fascinating.. got any links to your source?

JB a dit…

Thanks for the comment, Michael. I didn't make the "Savior of Mars/Atlantis/California" connection myself, even better now.

Steve, no, unfortunately, the near-totality of my info is in my head, I didn't write anything down even digitally until this blog came along. But I remember others confirming this as well back at the old "The Forum" (the original David Icke forum) when it still existed.

Joshua a dit…

I'd say you are not lost, but on to something.
King Arnold will come out smelling like roses after all is said and done. Hell he probably will be the grand marshal of the rose parade.
As far as white man from Mars, I've heard of this as well and seems possible.
I'm mixed white and Indonesian so what does that mean ?I can see both ways? Red and Blue?
Nice work JB.

Dennis Igou a dit…

You syncromystics are an amazing bunch. Long may you shine.

hoi polloi a dit…

Very nice!