lundi 5 novembre 2007

Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

Comet Holmes, the comet of DOOM! Or not.

Strange things are happening in the heavens above.

The planet Saturn is entering its solar resurrection phase (with a little help from the Black Robes). Every celestial body in the solar system is heating up. Orbits and axises are shifting slowly but surely. Comets are becoming a MILLION times brighter than the laws of astrophysics should allow them to. Spectacular auroras all over the place. A giant black monolith has been discovered on the moon (joking).

"Watch for signs in the heavens" LITERALLY. But interpretation of these phenomena is nearly impossible for we mere mortals, being intentionally ignorant of the secrets of the gods.

My theory? The hyper-dimensional entities we've been foolishly perceiving as planets for all these years are about to awaken from their slumber and make their presence felt BIG TIME.

But one thing is certain: Its gonna be one hell of a show. (click here btw)

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Michael a dit…

Hi JB. The week before Comet Holmes appeared, we were given a very large, expensive and old (80's) telescope. Some friends were emptying the attic and for some reason, they thought of us, though we've never expressed a desire for star gazing. So we took it home with a shrug, figuring we'll never use it.

Then Sherlock Holmes references filled the blogosphere, and then the comet bursts into flame. The telescope was red, and it came from out of the blue. Is that called a syncromystic 2x4? or maybe 4x4.

JB a dit…

Is your hubby/boyfriend/life partner into synchro-mysticism as well? That would be nice, to have someone on the same wavelenght as you by your side.

Michael a dit…

Nah, he thinks I'm crazy. Me too, most of the time.

soundlessdawn a dit…

There's going to be a massive increase in the "fire in the sky"
motif - Whether, they print stories of the sun and planets becoming brighter, or exploding comets - It's intended to psychologically prepare the populace for a large bright (new) object in the sky.. Possibly Nibiru/Second Sun - Who knows? They've been doing the same thing with extraterrestrials for some time - A sticker of a Gray alien on your child's school folder, Gucci shades the size of Rhode Island - It's all to mentally prepare for the next phase in human evolution.

JB a dit…

First contact with little grey men (secretly the work of Nazi/Jesuit scientists) and Saturn turning into a second sun (also secretly the work of Nazi/Jesuit scientists).