samedi 3 novembre 2007

I've found him!

This is Pan, the innermost moon of Saturn, discovered the year I was born (1981), hidden within its rings. It acts as a "shepherd", and keeps the gap in Saturn's rings open. It is also known as Saturn 18 (666).

I am at a loss for words. Meta-logically, it makes perfect sense though.

When in myth the god Saturn was bound with chains and cast into the abyss, in reality the planet Saturn was surrounded by rings and cast into the frozen depths of the solar system. But Pan is keeping the gap in those rings/chains open, just enough so that Saturn may set himself free one day.

That picture above was taken by the Jesuit Cassini space probe, the same space probe that shall enter Saturn's atmosphere through its south pole vortex in August 2008, and detonate its nuclear reactor, causing a planetary chain reaction that shall turn Saturn into a second sun (that's their plan anyway).

The return of the Golden Age, ladies and gentlemen, starting with tremendous waves of nuclear radiation from a newborn star/resurrected god bombarding the Earth for several weeks, just long enough to lower the world population to more manageable numbers.

I wonder if they sell "Apocalyptic Celestial Event" insurance?

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Jake Kotze a dit…

You kill me JB!

Michael a dit…

That is so totally crazy that you're probably right! Rings of Saturn = chains of the Abyss.

aferrismoon a dit…

Pehaps Pan here reprents the gap in our inteligent understanding of universe. We have time yet with all time at our disposal we still have gaps, vacancies, that allow all the info we do have to move around to create new and evolutionary connexions.
Old man Saturn and the gleeful hopping goat-boy pipes - a - piping. We see the Capricornus-Pan-beast in the Devil card which corresponds with Hebrew letter O-70 and [ using Sepher Yetsira] Saturn with the World/Universe card which = B-2
To play with your allegory a bit, the vibrant energy of Pan DeVille stops Saturon from becoming overly monotonous, an orchestral piece. Perhaps Pan is the cartoon face of the serious investigation od ponderous Saturn

JB a dit…

Thank you, thank you. I aim to please.

And to rule over the world with an iron fist (no fisting jokes Michael). Indeed, due to your generous comments here, your lives shall be spared when the Great Purification comes.

Atlantean Times a dit…

What about Saturn giving birth to a new planet....Saturn is a big boy i dont think those Nuke's could pull that off. Although i did think that at one stage I have gone from there to 2001 being a metaphor and droping the NuKe being like some sort of contact ritual but this time actually at frigging saturn.

It is one of the most fucked up things out there right now....there is going to be an escalation in the planetary interest possibly combined with more realistic but FAKE alien encounter mind fucks....

At this stage I am thinking that 2012 could be when a real faked alien contact occurs...maybe it's all a gigantic mind fuck and it us thats doing the fucking...of ourselves that is...

shit i dont know...

I like your blog & will contiue to pop by..

Vapo a dit…

Hello JB ~ First I wanted to say I enjoy your thoughts.

Now for some off the wall stuff and pertains to your ending comment:

" I wonder if they sell "Apocalyptic Celestial Event" insurance? "

Well this might be the company(ACE)that will offer it.. the logo and picture on this page struck me:

Here is the home page..this struck me as well with the gate.. this is the same as one the movie poster for Star Trek IV:

Just thoughts

Keep at it!

Bee well and have a Great day!

hoi polloi a dit…

Great picture at the bottom of this post jb! Keep up the good work

JB a dit…

I love you Hoi. BE WITH ME!!!