samedi 8 décembre 2007

"Gold is for optimists. I'm diversifying into canned goods."

That quote above is hilarious, and dead on the money.

I don't mean to be my usual pessimistic self here, but the world economy is drowning. Its in deep s**t. Its drowning in deep s**t. We all know it. The financial TSUNAMI that can already be seen at the horizon will make the Krach of 1929 seem like the good ol' days.

"They" made it happen, "they" are counting on it. Sudden, extreme poverty on a planetary scale, enough to traumatize the entire human race into submission. We're not talking about hundreds of billions or a few trillion here, but of ONE QUADRILLION. That's $1,000,000,000,000,000, give or take a penny, that we would need to fill up the black hole about to swallow us whole.

Here's a very telling article, despite its strange sense of humor, that might kick you in the teeth with this subject: "to heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it"

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some rather large quantities of cigarettes and toilet paper to buy.

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AstroSphinx a dit…

I'm starting to think more and more that money is an illusion.. and these zeros at the end of everything make less and less real life sense.. but that's me. I've been so painfully poor living with rats, mice and the occasional scorpian all without my dearest wishes.. and in the end...once everyone is poor.. and this happened once after a huge Hurricane in Florida called Andrew... there was a connection between people, which quickly desolved as soon as people were "ok" and things back to normal, people went back to being the bastards they were.. even though in the crisis, aside from the sounds of the miliary shooting people in the night....and people looting what they could to get by, it was actually the kind of experience we need to bring in togetherness.. when people fear other people who are poor just because they are poor..or possibly want something, they are more like those banks.. selling everyone off just because of one missed payment (as with my mother's home)...

Now sitting in another country somewhere else the ideas of money, although are the so called reality for so many, its time to just avoid it, considering who owns it..but someone wrote somewhere a system of cashlessness was actually going to bring about the appocolypse or something like that.. I don't think so.. I just think we as humanity have to realize something about what is happening, when labour is when you exchange your free time for money, and then drain your existence just to exist, maybe its time to take your resources and live a completely different life, if you can.

Attempting to Know a dit…

Money dominates our lives. When you realize that money has no more value than what we give it, then for what purpose is our lives. Therefore, logically, he who controls our money controls our lives. Since our money is just paper with no PHYSICAL backing (though they say there is, but this has never been shown to be true). I agree with astrosphinx in that we should abolish money. Things are given value so that one can make oneself better than someone else.

AstroSphinx a dit…

Thanks Attempting to Know:

I don't know what kind of system people would put into place aside from money.. but fair exchange would be cool.. the only problem with that is once people start getting into the value of labour, we start getting philophical.. and this becomes a discussion about equality..

"is the time of a toilet cleaner worth exactly the same time as that of a doctor.. is the time of an artist on a great artwork that the same value of a football player?" kind of situation.. and you hit it on the head.. its the value we GIVE it.. thus the reason money's value is so subjective is because it has to go through the same hoops we have to go though concerning people's peronal value.. so a pretty young girl who can make tea would probably be more valuable than an ugly old cleaner.. if we start getting personal in appearance.. which society DOES under the way employment works. After all when we deal with a money system.. we deal with all those philosphical things without debating it.. its just a given. The bias still remains but is hidden by the bits of paper and metal..we place value upon.