mardi 30 octobre 2007

"Synchro-mystic" connections explained (aka The TIME LOOP Theory)

In science-fiction, when someone is stuck in a "time loop" (usually a single day that repeats itself over and over again), they eventually become aware of the anomaly because of subtle "messages" found in the very fabric of reality itself, and these messages grow in number and become more clear every time the loop repeats itself, until the cycle is broken somehow.

The best example of this is from an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The episode starts with the Enterprise being destroyed when it collides with another starship. Then we go back a little while, see the events leading up to what we saw in the beginning, until the Enterprise is destroyed again.

This could go on forever, the entire Universe being forced to repeat a pointless pattern for the rest of eternity simply because someone somewhere made a bad decision in one specific moment in time, but fortunately, it seems the Universe hates being stuck in a rut. So these space-time messages emerge, and become more frequent and more obvious, until someone makes another decision that will free everyone from this neverending loop.

In the Star Trek episode, people are woken up by bad dreams. Memories, images, SCREAMS, of something that has happened countless times before, but that also has not happened yet. At first, they keep these feelings for themselves, until they become so overwhelmed that they begin to share their experiences with others (like we have over the Internet), only to find out that practically EVERYONE has made similar observations in their own daily lives. And then they sit down at a table together, to try to figure out just what the hell is going on.

The solution comes when Data, the ship's android, finds a way to transmit information to HIMSELF, from the end of one time loop to the next, thanks to his hyper-intelligent positronic brain. This information is then found everywhere he goes in this new and final cycle, until he realizes, at the most crucial moment, what it all means, and manages to change the course of history and break the loop once and for all.

The Illuminati are presently building a massive, very unique STARGATE where the Twin Towers used to be, in fact they destroyed the TT as a part of a planetary occult super-ritual precisely so that they could manipulate the Earth's power grid and build this "Freedom Tower" uber-stargate. It is supposed to be a TIME-gate, not just a time travel device, but a machine that will allow them to defeat the will of the Universe (the spiritual evolution and liberation of the human race), to indefinitely delay the inevitable, so that they may retain control of the Matrix they've created, even if it means remaining forever prisoners of a self-imposed time loop.

This is supposed to be the 6th or 7th version of the Matrix? More like the 6th or 7th time we've repeated this pattern, from God knows when, perhaps ancient Babylon, to the year 2012. But the Universe is speaking to us, our own subconscious minds are trying to make us understand, that this can be the last time, all we have to do is WAKE UP and look at all of these clever little messages around us, telling us what happened and what we are supposed to do.

And if we fail, if we gather all of the pieces of the puzzle a little too late, or if we simply don't manage to destroy this "RAGNAROK" machine they've built, don't worry. We'll probably get it right next time. Or the next time after that. Or the next time after that. Or the next time...

samedi 27 octobre 2007

The Venus/Mars War, the Fall of Atlantis and California rising from its ashes

I'm going off on a meta-logical binge here, so bare with me.

Did you know that "California" was originally one of the Spanish names of the fabled island of Atlantis? Neither did I, God bless my trusty old Webster's. So, symbolically, Atlantis has been burning for the last week or so. Wrap your head around that one.

I personally think that Atlantis was the planet Mars, for two main reasons: it has been scientifically proven that every human race and every living thing on Earth follows a biological clock of 24 hours, one Earth day. Except for the White race, we follow a biological clock of 25 hours, one Mars day. Also, certain Native American tribes, such as the Navajo, believe that the White race came from Atlantis, which they call the "Old Red Earth". The "Old Red Earth" is also their name for the planet Mars. Hmmm...

We've been talking about Venus a lot lately, as well as the Knights Templar finally getting their revenge. The people of Venus were said to have blue skin and blue blood, while Mars is reknown as being the red planet of war. Blue versus red? Hasn't practically every war in human history been about "blue" versus "red"?

Venus, in eternal opposition to Mars, Mars being the original Atlantis, California being the modern resonator for Atlantis through its name, California being set on fire as the Knights Templar are being exonerated, the New World Order being the New Atlantis, see a pattern emerging here?

Am I completely lost, or am I almost there?

And am I the only one who has noticed that the planet Mars is on the mission patch of Discovery STS-120, just behind the moon? Mars, Atlantis, California burning...

mercredi 24 octobre 2007

Tom Cruise: Sleeper agent of the Illuminati?

The night Lady Diana died, a little over ten years ago, I had just turned the channel to CNN. I woke my parents up, and we watched what seemed like a complete surprise to the world. They couldn't get anywhere near the "accident" itself, so all we could see on tv was a light at the end of the tunnel.

And then Tom Cruise's voice came on the air. I don't know if anyone else remembers this, but Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were two of the last people to have spent time with Di and Dodi before their deaths. Tom Cruise was talking to the CNN reporter live on the telephone, talking about how this was a complete surprise to him, that he just had dinner with her only a short while before. This always stayed in my mind for some reason.

Years later, when I found out, as we all did, that Lady Diana had actually been murdered as a part of an occult ritual sacrifice, I was stunned. And yet, it all made sense. Especially with the "Christ of Scientology" being present at the time.

The real trigger in my head occurred when I saw a documentary about the Lincoln assassination years later still. One of the historians being interviewed stated, and I quote (from memory): "When John Wilkes Booth shot the President, it was a complete surprise to everyone, I mean, he was famous, the most popular American actor of his time, he was the Tom Cruise of his time."

The pieces of the meta-logical puzzle began to tumble into place. Tom Cruise, someone who is obviously subject to mind-control (we know this due to his erratic behavior), was present when Lady Diana had her "accident", and was most probably directly involved on a very important level.

The perfect sleeper agent. Who would suspect the "most popular American actor of his time" of secretly being a highly-trained killing machine? This world is controlled by the Illuminati, you don't get to the top without their say-so, without them messing around with your thoughts, memories and personality in order to better control you.

Tom Cruise can go up to President Bush with his giant maniacal grin and shake his hand without anyone even thinking about stopping him. What's Dubya's Illuminati codename again? "Temporary"?

I'd watch my back if I were you, Dubya. John Wilkes Booth v2 might be coming your way (as soon as he's done turning his 26 year-old clueless virgin wife into yet another brainwashed breeder for the Elite).

dimanche 21 octobre 2007

Our lady Venus

Steve Willner's latest 10-minute meta-episode is up over at his sight (Labyrinth of the Psychonaut). It's a beauty.

It should be noted that the Venus Flytrap was originally named the VENUS Flytrap because people actually thought they came from the planet Venus. I don't remember the exact details, but a meteorite crashed in a field near a small American town at the end of the 19th century (back when Venusians and Martians were popular), and the next morning hundreds of Venus Flytraps had grown inside of the crater. True story (or not, I don't really know, I wasn't there).

I mentionned the Inca goddess Orejona in my recent "Blue-skinned aliens" meta-article. The Incas and pre-Inca tribes believed that the blue-skinned, amphibious Venusians created the human race using some of their own genetic material about 5 million years ago, "when Venus first arrived in the Heavens". I like the idea of an extremely advanced extraterrestrial civilization using their planet as a starship (surrounding it with a "warp field", I suppose), travelling from one solar system to another, as a form of militant PANspermia.

A breathtakingly beautiful, blue-skinned Venusian goddess, descending from her mothership, to reproduce with the primitive awe-stricken ape-men, playing her part in our evolution, as so many others after her will as well. I wish I could have been there. To take pictures, I mean.

Btw, according to the Incas, it was the Venusians who brought the BEES to Earth. Interesting, no?

samedi 20 octobre 2007

Blue-skinned aliens

Anyone who is a fan of that Freemasonic Star Trek program will know that the Vulcans are supposed to be the Jews. Kirk being the Church (Kirk = Church), at the head of the Enterprise.

Not being "anti-Semitic" here, just a plain old fact. Leonard Nimoy based many of the inherent cultural traits of the Vulcans upon his own Jewish heritage. The "live long and prosper" hand gesture, for example, is the blessing of the Kohanim (Jewish High Priests). The ceremonial breastplate worn by Vulcan High Priests is almost identical to that worn by the Kohanim as well, complete with the Urim and Tumim stones.

I personally love the Jews. Especially their attractive women. Especially their attractive women stand-up comedians (Sarah Silverman and her gorgeous sister). But I digress.

Most conspiracy theory sites seem to be inherently anti-Semitic, and understandably so. Everywhere you look in the conspirary theory world (or simply in the world in general), there are the Jews. Owning the banks. Controlling the media. Israel being not-very-nice and such. But this is merely a vast distraction.

The Rothschild family is suspect number one in most circles. And their actions ARE questionable. And, honestly, who WOULDN'T want to rule the world? But they are nothing more than scapegoats, as all-ways.

Want proof? Just open up the Encyclopaedia Judaica, and what do they have to say about the Rothschilds? That they're historically the TREASURERS of the VATICAN.

"All roads lead to Rome", remember? You want to get away with murder? Put the knife in a Jew's hand, and hide behind him. Don't worry, the angry mob will never suspect you, not when they have a bloody Jew to blame. Its so easy to fool the fools.

The New World Order? Nothing more than a New Holy Roman Empire, with the White Pope as the Emperor, and the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuit Order, as Darth Vader. And those traitorous collaborators the Rothschilds as the court jesters, I imagine. Way to go, you've sold your soul and condemned your own people (along with the rest of the human race) just so that you may get to wear a funny hat.

But the Vatican and the Jesuits aren't really at the top of the pyramid of power of the "Illuminati", there's something more, above them. There all-ways is.

Yes, all roads lead to Rome, but there's one road that leads from Rome to somewhere else.

Blue-skinned aliens, perhaps? Venusians are said to have blue skin, and blue blood as well. Hmmm...

Maybe when they say that they worship the "Morning Star", they're not talking about the fallen angel Lucifer. Maybe they literally mean the planet Venus. I'm sure Orejona knows.

jeudi 18 octobre 2007

M, or "All roads lead to Rome"

M for... Mu, perhaps? As in LeMuria, Mother of all Mystery schools?

Another "JB" answered to "M" as well, if I remember correctly, as in "On her Majesty's secret service".

So which is it? The Crown of England or the Pope?

Maybe Mario knows...

mercredi 17 octobre 2007

The Return of Saturn

The mysterious "hot spot" at the tip of Saturn's south pole, the ONLY warm polar vortex in the entire solar system. Notice the black square, at the bottom right.

The mysterious hyper-dimensional, honeycomb-resonating hexagon at Saturn's north pole, strong evidence that a superior intelligence is manifesting itself within the ringed giant. Again, notice the black square, at the top right.

The black square has always been an esoterical symbol for Saturn, it being the black sun/dark star. Of course, according to astronomers and NASA, these black squares are nothing more than "missing information".

I meta-logically agree, something IS missing in-formation.