vendredi 25 janvier 2008

In Honor of my Obi-Wan, Mark The Bright One

Mark LeClair, the Wrong Way Wizard, has just completed his decadent and sublime Magnum Opus, his meta-logical review of "Eyes Wide Shut", in seven parts: BEHOLD!

Now, to answer some of the questions he has brought up in Part Seven:

"Is our world a dream, or are we being manipulated by invisible puppet-masters? Tell me if you REALLY know."

Well, I for one "REALLY" know, and the answer is this: Yes.

Next question: "I worry what it all means to me, livin' in a trailer park with my mother. Me and the faceless millions like me, no chance of getting laid at all."

Well, as someone in nearly the exact same position as you, I can only hope to rule over the world one day, for no other reason than to get "pussy (or tail) for miles". As Stanley Kubrick clearly implied, all the wealth and power in the Universe serves no other purpose than to get laid, even the Devil will agree to that.

As Scarface himself once said: "First, you get the money. Then, you get the POWER. And THEN, you get the WOMEN!" Its that simple. Conquer all that can possibly be conquered, just so that you may "plant your flag".

Finally (paraphrasing): "The structure of our reality is beyond our grasp and understanding, a gigantic cosmic pyramid of sexual power reaching to the Heavens, and it will never change."

So? I LOVE the idea. I (as you may know) am a Beast of pure EGO, I worship my SELF, and not in any petty or vain manner, but from the very serious perspective of my being GOD, of my being the entire Universe within and without.

To play the greatest of all games and WIN? Oh, I am SO there. And like it or not, we are ALL there.

See you at the top. ;)

3 commentaires:

mark leclair a dit…

As usual JB, you honor me.

And I totally what! Life is always worth living.

Peace to you and your inevitable progeny for now and all time!


Da WWWiz

Jake Kotze a dit…

"Is our world a dream, or are we being manipulated by invisible puppet-masters? Tell me if you REALLY know."

I feel it only appears as a dream because, as a currently thought and form addicted species, our true consciousness is veiled under Maya (identification/ego). Making us 'asleep' and giving the illusion of dream. The puppet master is 'ourselves', the many arms of Ganesha, we are split into facets to animate the drama of NOW.

The material universe becomes the very doorway or Stargate when fully accepted (when we surrender to its perceived limitation)
Dream and puppet-master in my B.S are only metaphor. Even metaphor is metaphor.


JB a dit…

Well, with all due respect Jake, I've always strongly disagreed with your "BS", especially when you say that there are no superior intelligences at work in this world other than human intelligence itself at some level, and that physical stargates do not or could not exist. Seems pretty limited to me. And if physical stargates are a non-reality, then tell me what the hell "they" are building over the ruins of the Twin Towers? A "make-believe" uber-stargate just for fun?