jeudi 3 janvier 2008

Why Jesus HAS to be GAY

This one is for "poet of awareness" Michael over at Gosporn, and for all of the other gay Christian synchro-mystics out there (there HAS to be at least one more somewhere):

We are presently living in the Era of MAN. Men rule the world, period. But there is a Goddess at the top, secretly worshipped by all, and not just a Goddess, but one no man will ever get to know Biblically, for she is a virgin, a sacred eternal virgin. Her Holiest of Holies shall forever remain "where no man has gone before" (not even Kirk/the Church can get in).

But a new era is coming, the Era of Woman. Who will be at the top then? Surely not a Goddess, for the whole balance between Heaven and Earth is similar to the Ying and Yang: When everything is black, there has to be a little white dot at the center, and when everything is white, there has to be a little black dot at the center. The only possible answer is a God, but not just any God, one no woman could ever get to know as well: a GAY God.

Michael believes Jesus to be gay, and since the coming era, the Era of Woman, is also supposed to be the Messianic Era, then he has to be right, Jesus has to be gay. Every woman on Earth shall wish to become the Bride of Christ, but Jesus will be like: "Ladies, I love every single one of you, just not in THAT WAY." The era of the "f*g hag", perhaps. lol

This explains why the Ruling Elite of this world so willingly worships the Devil, the Goddess Isis-Venus-Lucifer, for what other option do these insecure, immature idiots have? To shack up with some gay dude? They would rather die, and they will.

And being the Beast myself, I should technically be a macho "alpha male" prick who only cares about getting pussy and who wants for the Era of Man to last forever, but my newfound bisexual tendencies could completely change my destiny. If Jesus is drop dead gorgeous (think a celestial version of Johnny Depp), and we really get along, the Christ and the Anti-Christ could end up being lovers. Universal peace through queerness, now there's a mind-f**k.

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Michael a dit…

Wow. Your post strangely echoes Jeff Fairhall, the mushroom prophet of Seattle. The pole shift, the South Pole becomes the North, the bottom becomes the top.

And yea, universal peace through queerness - which is the great joke - the one thing that all three Abrahamic religions most despise is the one thing Jesus likes best - the first shall be last.

Before the War of Heaven, the twin morning star brothers sang the divine 69, and all the angels shouted for joy. The joy of the universe is sexual ecstasy - ecstasy without shame, the curse of Adam. Great post, and much appreciated.


FilmNoir23 a dit…

I could have sworn we were in the Era of Pan...which would much better describe any Bi tendencies you might be connecting with...

I am non-Christian however, so what do I know, right?

JB a dit…

I'm non-Christian as well, Todd, ANTI-Christian even, but that doesn't mean Jesus wasn't a nice guy. ;)

FilmNoir23 a dit…

If you assume that he actually even existed at is not for me to determine if he was a nice guy. The least of my concerns frankly.

BTW JB, I am starting to think that your Bush posts from late last year might actually PAN out. I'm not big on predictions but I've got some feelings on this one.

As always, a pleasure!

master mistery a dit…

Cool blog. I'm adding it to my roll.


JB a dit…

Todd- Yeah, he might have been nothing more than a recycled pagan sun god symbol, but I like the idea of him being Zeus made man (Je-Zeus or G-Zeus). It would make Greek myth that much more relevant in the modern era, and would imply that the Anti-Christ (Achilles-me) might end up being the "good guy" in the story.

MM- Allright, thanks!

Peggy Carter a dit…

This is from the "webfairy."

And no, she is not male!

Atlantean Times a dit…

In my randy christ post about the film Midnight Express I left out the fact that the star brad davis is actually involved in a couple of steamy gay love scenes. actually very steamy for the time.

The scenes involves the blond guy from the man from uncle whos name i cant remember.

Randy Quaid who i compare to christ is not directly shown as being in a gay scene but the implications are that he must have been. He does recieve a rather tender rub down wash from davis but that is not conclusive.

I am also going to be going down the road of jesus being a triplet as well as an identical twin who probably married his sister.