mardi 18 mars 2008

This is absolute BEAUTY in its purest form.

Best video EVER!

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aferrismoon a dit…

U might find this useful -
THE ANIMA SHRINE - a ritual for soul retrieval.
I got a lot out of doing this.
U may think this presumptious or even fucking rude, but what the hey!

JB a dit…

aferrismoon, I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you just wrote. Your broken english and uber-synchro-mystic mindset makes it very hard to follow what you mean most of the time.

But I get the feeling that you meant something somewhat anti-gay, especially when mentionning "soul retrieval" and saying that it might be "presumptious or even fucking rude", so if this is the case and you are suggesting that I am lost or confused or whatever...

Go fuck yourself. Seriously.

But if that's NOT what you meant, then... could you make it more clear? No offense, but I can't get through most of your articles over at your sight, because of the very strange way you express your thoughts.

aferrismoon a dit…

Yeah sure.
The title of the page
- The Anima Shrine - a ritual for soul retrieval.
The 'soul retrieval' is in the title, but it felt like it could be taken the wrong way.
No its not 'anti-gay' , and I don't think you're 'lost', I just thought that if I write to you using the words 'soul retrieval' u could think that.
The ritual was high energy and personal and enjoyable.

The writing I do is meant to be loose, like sketching or painting, but I know what u mean.

Cheers for the very easy to follow words.

Jonah Dempcy a dit…

@jb: Not sure about this soul retrieval book but I find your reaction ironic. A cursory Google search for 'the anima shrine' yields this page:

Here is a particularly relevant excerpt:

"the ANIMA SHRINE" emerged from a need to restore more perspective around an intimate relationship "gone bad" from my own rampant psychological projections. These projections occurred beyond my control with the force and fury of the gods mistaking me for an abandoned plaything. I had fallen -- deeply and swiftly -- in love with an enchanting woman of extraordinary beauty. To me, she was the living personification of my every feminine ideal: the dream lover, the goddess, the divine whore, the muse. With each passing moment near her, body and soul blazed and hummed under the dizzying spells of Eros and Hypnos, leaving me entranced and bewitched beyond words, beyond reason, in a delirious state of insatiable longing."

Now, I haven't read your blog much (just started today), but it seems you have recently undergone a massive change similar to that detailed in the book. The book is essentially about someone who has projected the divine feminine onto a human being and then realized, aw shucks, humans are just human after all and make mistakes, are not perfect etc.

So, learning to reclaim those projections can lead to great personal strength, especially the negative ones. By projecting so many positive attributes of the 'divine feminine' on a human, one sets oneself up for a catastrophe when the dark archetypes (shadow, anima) is projected as well.

Basically, we all engage in projection of some sort, but we need to be conscious of it and not let it get out of control. Hope this helps.