samedi 10 mai 2008

Horns of Power

First of all, let me apologize for being away for so long. I've been very busy doing nothing, but now I've found my inspiration again, thanks to Michael over at Gosporn and the synchro-flow of the Multiverse.

I've been looking at the movies Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth recently, both written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro (of the Bull?). Both movies pitting Nazis versus supernatural horned beings from the underworld, which is odd considering you would usually expect demons from hell and fascists here on Earth to be allies. Which leads me to think that the purely Catholic notion that horns represent evil is more than a little warped. Maybe they want us to believe that the good guy is actually the bad guy.

Historically and mythologically, horns have always represented power and wisdom. Even the God of the Bible had huge freakin' horns. What, you didn't know?

When Moses came down from the mountain, horns had supposedly grown from his forehead. This was common knowledge up until recently, just look at Michelangelo's sculpture of Moses above, he looks almost exactly like Pan, minus the goat's legs. You see, in modern (intentionally inaccurate) translations of the Bible, it says that light could be seen at the top of the mountain where God was, and that Moses' face was as bright as the sun after having seen the glory of the "All-Mighty". But in the original Hebrew version, it was written horns, not light. Some Cabbalistic illustrators even went half-half, drawing horns of light on Moses' forehead.

So God's horns were so tremendously massive and gigantic that they could be clearly seen with the naked eye by the Hebrew people from the foothill of Mount Sinai. Wow. Reminds me of the expression "Gadzooks!", meaning "God's hooks". Not quite the nails of the cross, but rather God's actual hooks, a further indication of God's true nature and appearance becoming evident in the letters O-Z of Gadzooks. Pan IS "All", after all.

The perpetual 9/11 super-ritual is supposed to be a means by which to contact a higher form of intelligence, perhaps Divine intelligence, and also to free Pan from his self-imposed Abyss (Flight 77 wearing off one of the sides of the Pentagram). Perhaps these are one and the same. As Michael insinuated, Pan might have symbolically broken off his horns Hellboy-style, when the Twin Towers fell into dust in the magical land of OZ. Has God given up his power?

Maybe the super-ritual was a success. Maybe the Illuminati and the rest of the human race DID receive a message from the Creator on 9/11. But, tragically, the message was: "You're on your own. I'm outta here."

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Michael a dit…

That's awesome JB! I was thinking about horny Moses also. Since I propose that horns are plugs into the vibrational energy socket of Universe (tuning forks?) and since light is also a form of energy then horns and beams of light can be seen as symbolic equivalents.

I think it is very likely that the son of God has red skin like Adam and horns like a lamb, meanwhile, Satan appears as an angel of light. We've all been hoodwinked.

The idea that the WTC represented the horns of God is provocative.

Cheers - Michael

JB a dit…

Another poetic interpretation:

Money, or trade, is the world's life support system. But a person who needs a life support system is a person trapped within their own body, waiting for death. On 9/11, someone literally, physically pulled the plug, and set us free.

What we are witnessing on a planetary scale right now is the rotting of the corpse. I can't wait for giant worms to come out of the Earth, Dune-style. ;)

Michael- Imagine Jesus coming back looking like you said, red skin and horns, like the false Catholic image of the Devil (while the false image of the Christ they've been feeding us for centuries is actually that of Cesare Borgia, Machiavelli's model for "The Prince"!).

No one would believe him. "No, seriously guys, I'm the Son of God!" lol

dedroidify a dit…

LOL hilarious comments.

And yeah excellent post.

I was hoping if you could elaborate a little on the freeing Pan from his self-imposed Abyss & Flight 77 wearing off one of the sides of the Pentagram?


JB a dit…

dedroidify- For the Pan info, check out my very first article, "The Zzzzs of Awakening", dated October 16th, 2007.

mark leclair a dit…

Nice One JB,

I am interested in your second paragraph idea that there is a program running to make us think the good guy is the bad guy.

The final scene of Hellboy is a good example. When he chooses not to use the key and realize a type of destiny, Hellboy reverts back to a life in which he can never be fulfilled. He is and always will be a total alien. And of course, the movie`s moral is that Hellboy made the right choice.

`We are all aliens in this together`, as it were.

But it could be that the film represents a wide net of programming designed to persuade the viewer at large or a particular unknown viewer NOT to turn the key of Revelation, if they have the chance.

Six of One, a Baker`s Dozen of the other.


Da WWWiz

mark leclair a dit…


Have you read Clarke`s `Childhood`s End`.

The last two pages lend credence to your post.

JB a dit…

Mark TheBrightOne- The program is obvious to me, and seems to be run by the Church with a capital C.

As Michael mentionned, "it is very likely that the son of God has red skin like Adam and horns like a lamb", which would make him look quite satanic.

Meanwhile, as I previously mentionned, the false image of the Christ the Unholy Roman Empire has been feeding us for centuries is actually that of Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI, Machiavelli's model for "The Prince", the best historical human equivalent of the ANTI-Christ.

Black is white, and white is black, as all-ways.

Al a dit…

From studying Jordan Maxwell et al about astrotheology, i've come to find that the Hebrews were a Lunar cult. From that, my interpretation of the horns of Moses is that that image is a representation of the crescent moon.

indras net a dit…

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