mardi 13 mai 2008

I see, I see

Le merveilleux Jake Kotze reminded me recently that KK could also be CC, which is highly relevant to me since the person I love bears the initials CC, which are now tattooed in dark red letters on my left shoulder. So I decided to follow this particular current of the synchro-flow just to see where it leads me...

The letter C is also the Greek letter Gamma (G), so KK = CC = GG = 77 (G being the 7th letter). This hit me like a ton of bricks, because of my aforementionned tattoo. You see, I had the letters CC made into the shape of a heart, both Cs facing each other, over a small "tribal art" motif as a finishing touch. The tat looks great, but I've noticed that it resembles everyone's favorite mythological deity, Pan, the Cs being the gigantic horns of the Beast. The CC = GG = 77 connection now makes perfect sense, since 77 is Pan's magickal number.

So if CC meta-logically represents the horns of Pan, so does KK. There are many other connections to be made: K is also Kappa, the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the Hebrew alphabet, the 10th letter is Yod (Y), so KK = YY. If, through the letter K, the letters Y and G are the same, then both Yod and God are the same as well, which is quite mind-blowing, since the letter Yod literally represents God in Hebrew, the number 10 being the sacred number of God! Another interesting connection: Y came from the Greek letter Upsilon, which in turn became the letter V. VV = KK then, which brings new meaning to "V for Vendetta", and this meta-logic is confirmed by the numbers. KK is 11:11, and VV is 22:22, a perfect match.

Y2K also enters the equation, as Y2K can now be "translated" as KKK. KKK = 11 + 11 + 11 = 33 = CC. Full circle.

It is not surprising to find Pan everywhere we look, Pan literally means "All" after all, but I didn't expect to find him under my own skin. His song shall unleash wanton devastation upon this world, but he is not "evil", far from it, for it is his joyful purpose to put an end to the Iron Age of mediocrity and misery we are presently experiencing and bring forth a new Golden Age. The "Hellboy" is the One responsible for the Matrix and its endless Revolutions.

But his relationship with the Illuminati puzzles me. On 9/11, they symbolically broke off his horns, thus robbing him of his power, by tearing down the Twin Towers on the is-land of Oz, while forcing him out of his self-imposed Abyss by crashing Flight 77 into the Pentagram in true Faustian style. Are they foolishly attempting to control him?

They probably want for the new Golden Age to be nothing more than another Iron Age, under their strict supervision, so that the human being forever remains a mere Iron Man and never evolves to the level of the Golden Man (cue "Iron Man" theme song by Ozzy Oz-born). But can the All-Creator All-Destroyer be contained?

I think "The Mystery Without Name" has bitten off more than they could ever possibly chew. They summoned up the Devil and expected him to behave.

P.S.: Keeping in mind that NY becomes OZ when pushed one letter forward, I decided to pull PAN one letter backward. PAN becomes OZM. Mister Oz? Mystery of Oz?

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Michael a dit…

I see you're back in fine style! Ever hear the Pan song by the Waterboys? I'd send you to youtube, but I can't find it there.

JB a dit…

I had my inspiration back just long enough to write two articles, but now I've lost it again, dammit. I've gotta put a chain on that f***ing thing. ;)