mardi 3 juin 2008

A Ground-zero-breaking Theory

What if the Twin Towers weren't destroyed? I mean that literally. What if they're still there, intact, but we just can't see them, thanks to a massive illusion created by black magic and black technology combined, like the Monolith Hotel in "The Shadow"?

This idea occured to me while watching "September Clues Part 9" on the Synchro-Mystic Forums. Practically all of the televised images were CGI, nothing live from New York, just rushed digital composites with plenty of glitches and elements out of place.

There's too much contradicting information, too many eyewitness testimonies in opposition. As if there was a cloud of mass confusion on the island that day...

I remember thinking, when I realized years ago that there were NO PLANES involved, that they were probably keeping the real planes hidden somewhere, intact, with all of the passengers safe and sound, probably in a state of suspended animation, so that their False Christ/Anti-Christ may bring them "back to life" as a miracle for the world to believe at some point in the near future.

But that wouldn't be much of a miracle if he didn't bring the Twin Towers back as well. With all 3,000 innocent victims in perfect health, remembering nothing of what happened, as if it were the next moment for them...

Just a thought. ;)

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James Ratte a dit…

In the movie "The Shadow" they made a building disappear. I was in Brooklyn though when it happened and still have a jar of the asbestos filled dust debris. If it's an illusion, it's still working.