dimanche 8 juin 2008

Oz-fest 2008

As my regular readers (all 8 of them!) would most probably know, I have recently become bisexual, and I am more interested at the present moment in exploring the gay side of my Self. For too long I have lived with one hand tied behind my back, and its about time I let loose.

This change manifested itself when the woman I loved, a redhead goddess I had been worshipping for nearly 12 years, decided to brutally tear my heart out without proper justification. There are no words to describe the trauma and sorrow I experienced. My pain eventually began to heal, but as a blonde, very feminine young man entered my life via the internet, I discovered that a new heart had replaced the old one, a purple heart perhaps?

I never expected such a transformation. I now see women as being somewhat alien, their previously unnoticed strangeness and design flaws becoming apparent. Not that men are perfect, far from it, but it is now obvious to me that women are definitely NOT the goddesses I once believed them to be.

And this relates directly to the ever-synchronistic wonderful land of OZ. You see, gay men are known worldwide as "friends of Dorothy", and I imagine this would make me a "Tin Man" of sorts, having lost my heart only to find a new, better, more complete one.

And I should mention that the name of my former beloved redhead goddess was Manon Lizotte, an anagram for "Lament into Oz". Very appropriate, since I literally did lament into Oz.

Looking into the reasons why homosexuality is considered to be an abomination by most people (something that you never question when you are a part of "most people"), I discovered that nowhere in the original Hebrew scriptures is the word "abomination" used to describe us, it was (intentionally) mistranslated. The term originally used was "ritually improper".

You see, it ends up the main reason behind the Judeo-Christian fear and hate of male-on-male contact is due to the ancient notion that women are nothing more than property. It was perfectly acceptable for a man to f*** a woman, because women weren't considered human beings, they were mere slaves, but it was forbidden for a man to f*** another man, because they were supposed to be equals. I find this retarded caveman mentality to be almost hilarious.

Let me now recite the oath of love between biblical lesbian lovers Ruth and Naomi:

"Where you will go, I will go, and where you will stay, I will stay. Your god will be my god, and your people will be my people. Where you will die, I will die, and be buried there."

Beautiful, isn't it?

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Christopher Loring Knowles a dit…

I don't think there's a Judeo-Christian fear and hate of homosexuality for any other reason than the loathing one feels when he looks in the mirror. It's a jumbled mess- the architecture of the system comes from a homocentric monastic system and the morality comes from simple civic authoritarianism- the individual exists to serve property and inheritance contracts.

I do find it interesting that you find women to be alien now but are attracted to men who are essentially transsexuals- Chris Crocker is certainly much more feminine than most girls you'll meet at a liberal arts college. Maybe in the future, the only place you'll encounter old fashioned femininity is among gender-bending males.

Anyhow, the best of fortune to you on this new journey.

Michael a dit…

Hi JB, interesting post. As Chris notes, homosexuality has a lot of interesting ties to Narcissus. Something I've been meaning to blog about, because the idea of being aroused by your own image or identical twin is a recurring theme in homoerotic fiction, and it entwines with the themes of stargates, magic mirrors, water doors, Wonderland and Oz.

I think it is very weird how much sexual preference is part of the ongoing public dialogue - how polarizing it is, and continues to be. I love how the ones who constantly demonize it (Catholics, Fundies and Republicans) are the ones always getting caught DOING it.

Quit a few queers in the bible, the most obvious to me are King David and Jonathan - something about "a love better than a woman's".

wise woman a dit…

You are right women are not goddesses & never were, just a version of humans trapped in an attractively packaged endless tunnel of rules & moves. Some burst out but too many are trapped - it's a huge illusion - men fall for it just as much as women.

JB a dit…

Thank you all for your comments.

Christopher- Yes, one day all women will be overly masculine and butch, to the point that straight guys will have to turn gay and start going out with trannies in the hope of touching something more feminine. ;)

Michael- Most of this world's ruling elite ARE bisexual or homosexual, simply because they impose sexual repression upon the people in order to better manipulate the ignorant masses, while they keep the joy of sexual freedom for themselves. If you can control what someone does in their own bedroom, you can make them do anything.

Wise Woman- But you have to admit, its a great-looking illusion.

The Sister's Son a dit…

As a former "devout" Christian myself, the main reason behind my original questioning of the faith had to do with the topic of sexuality in general. My friends would literally talk about beating people they didn't like up, or watch some of the most violent films available, or would judge what others looked like or liked doing Pretty stereotypical and yet typical right? But what shocked me was that while they claimed to be devout Christians seeking a strong relationship with the Lord and were trying to bring as many people to Christ as possible, they would talk about wanting homosexuals to be charged with the death penalty or would literally threaten any open homosexuals they met. They also treated pre-marital sex and even masturbation as a worse sin against God than murder or stealing etc. This confuses the shit out me. And when I want an answer, I turn to Robert Anton Wilson.

RAW once said, “The Bible tells us to be like God, and then on page after page it describes God as a mass murderer. This may be the single most important key to the political behavior of Western Civilization.”

Christians are confused about who they are. C.L.K. at the top is right about the hatred they feel when they look in the mirror, that the individual exists to serve property and inheritance contracts. They are lost souls, and congratulations to you for what must feel like finding yours.