mardi 18 janvier 2011

So now I'm a Ram.

I've all-ways been fascinated by Pan, but I was born a Taurus. Horns are horns, I thought. But now I'm an Aries, thanks to the "new" Zodiac. The original Sumerian-Babylonian name for the Ram was "Dumuzi", the Shepherd of all people who ruled for 36,000 years before the Great Flood. Sounds like Pan to me.

It is also interesting to me that MY own personal sign has finally returned to its rightful place in the heavens, Ophiuchus, the constellation of Achilles. We know it is Achilles for the arrow of Sagittarius is pointed directly towards its heel (Sagittarius is "Centaur the Archer", and it was the blood of the last Centaur which brought down the Divine Achilles), and the figure is wrestling with a giant serpent, a universal symbol of immortality, and in my past life I was certainly known for wrestling with the idea of immortality.

The CURSE of immortality, to see all those you love inevitably pass away, to see the world change into something strange and new, while you forever remain the same and are left behind. Patroclus, Penthesilia, Deidamia, how I miss you.

I ask, why now? As the global social order is breaking down, as the world economy is rapidly falling apart, why is Pan officially becoming my birthright and my former Divine Self returning to the stars above? And need I mention that this "new" Zodiac is intended for the year 2012? Methinks someone is desperate to get their house in order after a big week-end party, before their parents come home and punish them for the horrible mess they've made.

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Michael a dit…

And I'm now a Virgin. How perfect is that? Since the 144,000 are "virgins". I wish there was a "ho" sign, because that would be more truthful as I ride the Beast.

JB (Jachin/Boaz) I love your posts, I wish you would do more of them. So much of synchronicity is Egyptian or older, and it's so great to read the Greek, I dunno, maybe the Greeks were the first to question the Gods/Aliens? If alien gods really land here on earth, I'll have a Set of questions, myself.

JB a dit…

Greek mythology (and no doubt quite a bit of Norse mythology) resonates deeply within us, since it was the very foundation of Western Civilization. We still worship the same gods, proof being that when Constantine minted the first gold coins after the Christian conversion, there was Jesus nailed to the cross on one side, and the former sun god Apollo hanging off of his very own solar cross on the other, as if to say "meet the new boss, same as the old one".

The reason the Ancient Greeks seemed to be so much more in tune with the true nature of the "gods" is simply because all of those stories took place in their own backyards, while the rest of the world had to interpret mere hearsay with their own limited cultural understanding. The Trojan War took place precisely where it it said to have taken place, not on the other side of the Earth, where a watered-down, highly distorted version of the story of the Trojan War is most likely to be found, now starring irrelevant local men of reknown.

But you should know there IS a "whore" sign, it is Scorpio, the redhead who stings everyone in sight, but alas, he/she has now been shafted to a mere WEEK of lenght, from November 23rd to the 29th. Get your venomous tail ready, it's gonna be one hell of a week!

Herbie Mimbitz: The Ping Pong Pandava a dit…

We appear to be set on a series of dials, concentric dials, which are partially transparent and banded with color. We feel like we are changing because all the colors are changing as we pass through light, but it is only an illusion.

Change is the illusion. Each of us is a crucified Star. There are no delineation of race or sex or astro-bias or politic or age or epoch, but NOT because ALL is ONE.

Instead is that there are too many things to count and every one of them is absolutely unique.

Pax Bro,

Da WWWiz

Kyle Hill a dit…

One thing I don't like about Christianity is they always like to be led rather then think for themselves.

However most Christains are not violent except the mainstream doom and gloom people as I call them but then again a lot of them struggled a lot in life working their butt off to feed 5 children.

So if you put it in perspective it's no wonder the mainstream Christians are full of gloom which is not what the Christian message is about!

A lot of those Christians had to suffer during the 70s crash which there was a huge gap between the rich and poor which many of them were the latter.

Most of the 70s problems were artificially created by stupid Liberals and environment wackos force feeding us their ideas which the Republicans stood aside instead of defending our rights.

Kyle Hill a dit…

And the sad thing is instead of working to pull ourselves together during Ronald Ragen's days (which he tried to do but Congress kept blocking him) we continued to fling crap at each other.

That's back when we were not very serious in dept as we just payed off the WW2 debt.