vendredi 23 novembre 2007

Atlantean, meet Atlantean

Michael over at Gosporn mentionned recently that the Vulcans of the Star Trek Universe and the Elves of Lord of the Rings are essentially one and the same: Atlanteans.

The Vulcans obviously because they look just like Namor of Marvel Comics, the Prince of Atlantis. J. R. R. Tolkien's Elves however don't just LOOK as if they belong on the lost continent, they literally ARE from Atlantis.

According to Tolkien, the Elves originally came from Numenor, a rather large island in the middle of the Western Sea, shaped like a five-pointed star. It is only after Numenor sank beneath the sea that the Elves migrated to Middle-Earth (Eurasia-Africa). After its downfall, Numenor became known as Atalante (the Downfallen).

But what do the blue-skinned Andorians have to do with Atlantis? Well, Numenor was called Andor by the Elves, the homeworld of the Andorians being of course the ice planet Andoria. So that pic at the beginning meta-logically shows an Atlantean facing another kind of Atlantean.

Oh, and I should mention, Namor, the Prince of Atlantis, was named Numenor in the "Marvel 1602" limited series comic book "1602: Fantastick Four". Pure coincidence, I'm certain.

P.S. Namor/Numenor's "Marvel 1602" version of Atlantis was named "Bensaylum". The setting of Francis Bacon's "The New Atlantis" is called "Bensalem". I wonder how many comic book writers are fellow synchro-mystics...

lundi 5 novembre 2007

Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

Comet Holmes, the comet of DOOM! Or not.

Strange things are happening in the heavens above.

The planet Saturn is entering its solar resurrection phase (with a little help from the Black Robes). Every celestial body in the solar system is heating up. Orbits and axises are shifting slowly but surely. Comets are becoming a MILLION times brighter than the laws of astrophysics should allow them to. Spectacular auroras all over the place. A giant black monolith has been discovered on the moon (joking).

"Watch for signs in the heavens" LITERALLY. But interpretation of these phenomena is nearly impossible for we mere mortals, being intentionally ignorant of the secrets of the gods.

My theory? The hyper-dimensional entities we've been foolishly perceiving as planets for all these years are about to awaken from their slumber and make their presence felt BIG TIME.

But one thing is certain: Its gonna be one hell of a show. (click here btw)

samedi 3 novembre 2007

I've found him!

This is Pan, the innermost moon of Saturn, discovered the year I was born (1981), hidden within its rings. It acts as a "shepherd", and keeps the gap in Saturn's rings open. It is also known as Saturn 18 (666).

I am at a loss for words. Meta-logically, it makes perfect sense though.

When in myth the god Saturn was bound with chains and cast into the abyss, in reality the planet Saturn was surrounded by rings and cast into the frozen depths of the solar system. But Pan is keeping the gap in those rings/chains open, just enough so that Saturn may set himself free one day.

That picture above was taken by the Jesuit Cassini space probe, the same space probe that shall enter Saturn's atmosphere through its south pole vortex in August 2008, and detonate its nuclear reactor, causing a planetary chain reaction that shall turn Saturn into a second sun (that's their plan anyway).

The return of the Golden Age, ladies and gentlemen, starting with tremendous waves of nuclear radiation from a newborn star/resurrected god bombarding the Earth for several weeks, just long enough to lower the world population to more manageable numbers.

I wonder if they sell "Apocalyptic Celestial Event" insurance?