mardi 5 décembre 2017

A different perspective.

A classic story from Hinduism:

Lord Shiva and his Shakti, the goddess Parvati, are enjoying each other's company. She asks him which of her avatars he prefers, certain he will say it is her present form as Parvati, the most virtuous and peaceful of all mothers. But no! He says he prefers her as Kali, the bloodthirsty black goddess of death, for he prefers her in her most insanely chaotic form, when she tramples all over him and his creation.

Now, remember, Lord Shiva was originally Lord Pashupati of the more ancient Vedic Civilization, "lord of the animals" with legs crossed and gigantic horns on his head, in other words, the Cernunnos of the Celtic people and the Great God Pan of the Ancient Greeks.

Having bled out and been reduced to nothing more than a cold piece of meat for six hours nearly seven years ago, I now KNOW who the Creator of the Universe happens to be up at Chokmah, among the stars and beyond the stars. So let's reinterpret the story above:

The Great God Pan and his Shekinah, the Virgin Mary, are enjoying each other's company. She asks him which of her avatars he prefers, certain he will say it is her present form as the Virgin Mary, the most virtuous and peaceful of all mothers. But no! He says he prefers her as Babylon the Great, the bloodthirsty, filthy whore of Revelations, for he prefers her in her most insanely chaotic form, when she tramples all over him and his creation.

Our creator the Great God Pan is the ultimate rock star among the gods, after all. He drinks, plays terrible music really loud, and he loves his whores. The Apocalypse is just the latest story he's telling to keep himself entertained.

mardi 19 septembre 2017

What's the difference between the angel of the Morning Star or an alien from the planet Venus?

Dolores Barrios, another Venusian (or perhaps the same?) photographed at a UFO conference in 1954. Notice the strange, otherworldly eyes.

 The most primordial version of the "mermaid" story comes from Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru, as written once and only once in Robert Charroux's phenomenal but mostly forgotten "L'Histoire Inconnue des Hommes depuis 100,000 ans" ("100,000 years of man's unknown history"). Her name was Orejona, and I've been obsessed with her since the age of 10. I've even had her name tattooed on my right arm.

 The very early pre-Inca people (and the few still extant Aimara tribes of the Andes) believed that 5 million years ago, a blue-skinned, blue-blooded amphibian female from the planet Venus came down to Earth, landed in her golden vessel on the Island of the Sun in the middle of the Lake, and mated with a prehistoric animal, either a large ape or an anteater-pig (!), giving birth to the very first animal-man, who would later become the first modern man, and remember her on a very deep ancestral level, mostly in their dreams and their psychedelic experiences, and base religions on this goddess from the sea.

 She might still be alive today, since they said she returned merely 40,000 years ago, to build the holy city of Tiahuanaco, and the famous giant stone "Door of the Sun", which was originally named the "Door to Venus", before the Spanish Conquistadors renamed it, renamed everything having to do with the Inca worship of the Venusians, and slaughtered over 99% of the population.

 There was even a story of how a Jesuit priest found the biggest, most beautiful green emerald in the world in an Inca temple, bearing an image of Orejona herself on it, so he had the emerald shattered into pieces, ground into dust and trampled it into the earth. The Church was REALLY f***ing serious about making people forget about her, they even cut out some of her followers' tongues, but fortunately the Inca high priests, the Orejones (the long-ears), they hid the sacred knowledge for centuries, until a great revival of the Inca faith began in 1958 precisely near Titicaca.

 On the same subject, you should also know about something called "Project Stargate", run by the D.I.A. back in the early 1980s. They used remote-viewers who projected their consciousness back in time to bear witness to the most important events in history (seriously, this has been officially declassified since). For their ultimate experiment, they sent their best "psychic spy" to view the origins of the human race millions of years ago. The result?

 A naked, feminine extraterrestrial being, aboard her "seedship" in the sea, using her own DNA to genetically engineer the first ape-men. This aquatic creature was tending to us like "plants in a garden".

 I'm starting to think she might be the Goddess Venus/Anima Mundi/Soul of the World itself. The Shekinah, the Shakti, the Shub-Niggurath, the one with a thousand faces who gave life to life itself.

mardi 17 janvier 2017

It's raining frogs!

The "Pepe the frog/Kek" phenomenon has now taken the form of the "Dark Kermit" internet meme, Kermit the frog standing in shadow, dressed like the Emperor in Star Wars.

Which makes sense, since Kermit sounds like Kemet, the Ancient Egyptian name of Ancient Egypt itself, and Kek is straight out of Kemet, meaning "dark/black".

But most people seem unaware that the "fleur-de-lys" is openly Donald Trump's symbol, as seen on the "Man of the Year" magazine cover, for he was sitting in a chair/throne with a giant fleur-de-lys on it. For centuries now, the fleur-de-lys has represented royalty or divinity, but long before French king Clovis 1st christianized it, calling it precisely the "lily flower" and a symbol of the Saint Trinity, it was a frog.

I'm not kidding. The previous design of the fleur-de-lys was much more bulbous, and somewhat ressembled a frog or toad. The original reason why the French people were called "frogs" was because of the three stylized frogs/toads on their shields.

It was an ancient Celtic symbol, said to represent something emerging from the primordial waters/darkness and crawling towards the light of the heavens (EXACTLY like Kek). Druids believed it to be the most subtle and harmless form of Cernunnos.

Mother f***ing Cernunnos, the Celtic version of the Great God Pan, a.k.a. the Lord of the Underworld, Shiva the Destroyer (who was absolutely identical to Cernunnos in his original form of Lord Pashupati of the Vedic civilisation), "The One who resides among the stars and beyond the stars in that unimaginable cosmic realm known as the Sabbaoth" (according to the most ancient Sabean faith which predates Judaism by millenia and was secretly at the basis of Aleister Crowley's theosophy), whatever you want to call it.

TSATHOGGUA, for f***'s sake. He's on our side now, or at least he's coming THROUGH to our side.

Interesting times.