mercredi 19 décembre 2007

The Killing Joke

I've just realized something relatively mind-blowing:

The letter A is the 1st letter of the alphabet, and H is the 8th.

9/11 (9 divided by 11) = 0.81 81 81 81 infinity = ha ha ha ha...

Which meta-logically links to yesterday's post about Batman and the Joker, since the origin of the Joker was told in the comic book entitled "The Killing Joke" (written by none other than Alan Moore).

Someone is laughing at us...

P.S. Here's the best quote by the Joker from "The Killing Joke":

"Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

mercredi 12 décembre 2007

Gods or monsters?

(Let me channel my now decidedly mute synchro-mystic avatar and fellow "poet of awareness" the Wrong Way Wizard for a moment)

Here's what my main man All-is-star Crow-lie has to say about the Book of Revelation:

"All I get is that the Apocalypse was the recension of a dozen or so totally disconnected allegories, that were pieced together, and ruthlessly planed down to make them into a connected account; and that recension was re-written and edited in the interests of Christianity, because people were complaining that Christianity could show no true spiritual knowledge, or any food for the best minds: nothing but miracles, which only deceived the most ignorant, and Theology, which only suited pedants.

So a man got hold of this recension, and turned it Christian, and imitated the style of John. And this explains why the end of the world does not happen every few years, as advertised."

Was All-is-star right? If the oversimplistic "good versus evil" Christian context is removed, then the symbols found within the Revelations are up for personal interpretation. Crow-lie believed the Beast (himself being its latest incarnation) and the Scarlet Woman (Babylon, Babalond, Babalon, Babalone, however you wanna "spell" it) to be very positive figures, the "earthly emissaries of the Great Gods", whose duties were to help manifest the energies of the current Aeon of Horus.

If this is so, then perhaps the ongoing end of the world is not such a bad thing, perhaps it is even necessary, like a vast forest fire, an all-important part of the perpetual cycle of creation-destruction-recreation that weaves the fabric of our reality. The Norsemen knew this, for this reason they looked forward to Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, the time when everyone and everything that ever existed would be consumed by fire and magick then covered in ice, only to be born anew.

On a meta-logically related thought, could the ever-growing, ever-brighter Comet Holmes be the new Star of Bethlehem? Shall a new king be "born" into this world by the end of the month, around the 23rd or 24th perhaps? Only time (Saturn) will tell...

samedi 8 décembre 2007

"Gold is for optimists. I'm diversifying into canned goods."

That quote above is hilarious, and dead on the money.

I don't mean to be my usual pessimistic self here, but the world economy is drowning. Its in deep s**t. Its drowning in deep s**t. We all know it. The financial TSUNAMI that can already be seen at the horizon will make the Krach of 1929 seem like the good ol' days.

"They" made it happen, "they" are counting on it. Sudden, extreme poverty on a planetary scale, enough to traumatize the entire human race into submission. We're not talking about hundreds of billions or a few trillion here, but of ONE QUADRILLION. That's $1,000,000,000,000,000, give or take a penny, that we would need to fill up the black hole about to swallow us whole.

Here's a very telling article, despite its strange sense of humor, that might kick you in the teeth with this subject: "to heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it"

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some rather large quantities of cigarettes and toilet paper to buy.

dimanche 2 décembre 2007

God has a baby by his side

Michael, over at his a-maze-ing sight Gosporn, has suggested in his "The Quest" series of Oz-some articles that God has a goddess by his side, a queen coveted by his own son, the Morning Star. That the true motivation behind the primordial "War in Heaven" (which seems to have lasted longer than the "War on Terror") was precisely Lucifer's Oedipal lust after his own mother (not to mention his father's throne and all the power in the Universe).

An interesting theory, which I have been researching lately, and I have discovered that Michael was RIGHT, even within a purely Judeo-Christian context.

Her name was (and I assume still is) ASHERAH. She was the original "Hebrew Goddess", the "Consort of Yahweh and Queen of Heaven", according to the beliefs of ancient Israel and Judah, before Judaism took over. The Bible even mentions her very briefly here and there (look it up in Jeremiah and on Wikipedia). Go figure. I suppose the Jews negated her from their scriptures just as the Roman Catholic Church turned the first and foremost apostle Mary Magdalena into a mere prostitute.

Asherah... sounds like "She-Ra", doesn't it? What did those Saturday morning cartoon gods know that we didn't?

On a related note, I've also been researching the origins of my past self Achilles, before Greek myth came along. He would have been Prince Maneros ( Man-Eros, I'm sure Michael is gonna have a field day with that one) of Byblos, the oldest city on Earth, built by the ancient Phoenicians over 7,000 years ago (now a part of Lebanon, north of Beirut, known as Gebal or Jubayl). He was made immortal by the goddess Isis and by his mother Queen Astarte, and the historians of the time believed Isis and Astarte to be one and the same, respectively the divine manifestation and the human incarnation of ASHERAH.

So proto-Achilles/Maneros would have been the THIRD SON OF GOD, after Lucifer and before Jesus. This certainly brings a new perspective to my own life story.