samedi 27 décembre 2008

The number of death

The elevator I use practically every day to go to the third floor of my local library, where the rows of computers and free internet are, has a strange feature: a button for a hypothetical fourth floor, which does not work.

There is a small sign on the wall saying: This elevator does not go up to the fourth floor.

There is a number four above the door, where the numbers light up. But it is written in a stylized manner, very similar to the astronomical and astrological symbol for Jupiter (which is supposed to represent a lightning bolt. Really?).

This is frustrating to me, since I believe myself to be the reincarnation of Achilles, the one destined to dethrone Jupiter. Is he synchro-mystically mocking me, telling me that I couldn't go up to his level even if I wanted to?

Just a thought.

dimanche 8 juin 2008

Oz-fest 2008

As my regular readers (all 8 of them!) would most probably know, I have recently become bisexual, and I am more interested at the present moment in exploring the gay side of my Self. For too long I have lived with one hand tied behind my back, and its about time I let loose.

This change manifested itself when the woman I loved, a redhead goddess I had been worshipping for nearly 12 years, decided to brutally tear my heart out without proper justification. There are no words to describe the trauma and sorrow I experienced. My pain eventually began to heal, but as a blonde, very feminine young man entered my life via the internet, I discovered that a new heart had replaced the old one, a purple heart perhaps?

I never expected such a transformation. I now see women as being somewhat alien, their previously unnoticed strangeness and design flaws becoming apparent. Not that men are perfect, far from it, but it is now obvious to me that women are definitely NOT the goddesses I once believed them to be.

And this relates directly to the ever-synchronistic wonderful land of OZ. You see, gay men are known worldwide as "friends of Dorothy", and I imagine this would make me a "Tin Man" of sorts, having lost my heart only to find a new, better, more complete one.

And I should mention that the name of my former beloved redhead goddess was Manon Lizotte, an anagram for "Lament into Oz". Very appropriate, since I literally did lament into Oz.

Looking into the reasons why homosexuality is considered to be an abomination by most people (something that you never question when you are a part of "most people"), I discovered that nowhere in the original Hebrew scriptures is the word "abomination" used to describe us, it was (intentionally) mistranslated. The term originally used was "ritually improper".

You see, it ends up the main reason behind the Judeo-Christian fear and hate of male-on-male contact is due to the ancient notion that women are nothing more than property. It was perfectly acceptable for a man to f*** a woman, because women weren't considered human beings, they were mere slaves, but it was forbidden for a man to f*** another man, because they were supposed to be equals. I find this retarded caveman mentality to be almost hilarious.

Let me now recite the oath of love between biblical lesbian lovers Ruth and Naomi:

"Where you will go, I will go, and where you will stay, I will stay. Your god will be my god, and your people will be my people. Where you will die, I will die, and be buried there."

Beautiful, isn't it?

mardi 3 juin 2008

A Ground-zero-breaking Theory

What if the Twin Towers weren't destroyed? I mean that literally. What if they're still there, intact, but we just can't see them, thanks to a massive illusion created by black magic and black technology combined, like the Monolith Hotel in "The Shadow"?

This idea occured to me while watching "September Clues Part 9" on the Synchro-Mystic Forums. Practically all of the televised images were CGI, nothing live from New York, just rushed digital composites with plenty of glitches and elements out of place.

There's too much contradicting information, too many eyewitness testimonies in opposition. As if there was a cloud of mass confusion on the island that day...

I remember thinking, when I realized years ago that there were NO PLANES involved, that they were probably keeping the real planes hidden somewhere, intact, with all of the passengers safe and sound, probably in a state of suspended animation, so that their False Christ/Anti-Christ may bring them "back to life" as a miracle for the world to believe at some point in the near future.

But that wouldn't be much of a miracle if he didn't bring the Twin Towers back as well. With all 3,000 innocent victims in perfect health, remembering nothing of what happened, as if it were the next moment for them...

Just a thought. ;)

vendredi 30 mai 2008

The more things change, the more they stay the same

From the introduction of "The Gilgamesh Epic: A New Translation":

"The purpose of the human race is to service the gods. Before mankind's creation, the ancient cities of the Earth were inhabited by the gods alone and they had to feed and clothe themselves by their own efforts.

The god ENKI devised the technology to produce a substitute worker from raw clay, and then organized the world to ensure the gods' comfort in their houses. He created the KING, a new being having the blood of a god, for the task of provisioning, fighting the gods' battles for them, maintaining law and order in the land and subduing internal revolt, and he created common men to be the unknowing workforce.

Just as the moon and constellations mark the passage of months and years, so the king must ensure the delivery of regular offerings required by the gods' temples.

The kings have become presidents and prime ministers, but we the people are still carrying the yoke and tilling the soil, and the offerings are becoming more and more massive and frequent.

"See the tablet-box of cedar, release its clasp of bronze! Lift the lid of its secret, pick up the tablet of lapis lazuli and read out the travails of Gilgamesh, all that he went through."

dimanche 18 mai 2008

No "Second Coming" this year... *sigh*

The Cassini space probe was supposed to turn Saturn into a second sun this July.

Its nuclear reactor would have detonated in Saturn's atmosphere, resulting in a planetary chain-reaction similar to the one Jupiter experienced in the movie "2010", all of this being a part of the Jesuit Order's "Lucifer Project". The birth (or rebirth) of a new star would have sent wave after wave of nuclear radiation towards Earth, wiping out an estimated 90% of the human race.

But alas, it seems we will have two more years of misery to enjoy before they finally decide to put us out of our misery: The Illuminati need more time.

Should have known. The movie IS called "2010", not "2008". ;)

mardi 13 mai 2008

I see, I see

Le merveilleux Jake Kotze reminded me recently that KK could also be CC, which is highly relevant to me since the person I love bears the initials CC, which are now tattooed in dark red letters on my left shoulder. So I decided to follow this particular current of the synchro-flow just to see where it leads me...

The letter C is also the Greek letter Gamma (G), so KK = CC = GG = 77 (G being the 7th letter). This hit me like a ton of bricks, because of my aforementionned tattoo. You see, I had the letters CC made into the shape of a heart, both Cs facing each other, over a small "tribal art" motif as a finishing touch. The tat looks great, but I've noticed that it resembles everyone's favorite mythological deity, Pan, the Cs being the gigantic horns of the Beast. The CC = GG = 77 connection now makes perfect sense, since 77 is Pan's magickal number.

So if CC meta-logically represents the horns of Pan, so does KK. There are many other connections to be made: K is also Kappa, the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the Hebrew alphabet, the 10th letter is Yod (Y), so KK = YY. If, through the letter K, the letters Y and G are the same, then both Yod and God are the same as well, which is quite mind-blowing, since the letter Yod literally represents God in Hebrew, the number 10 being the sacred number of God! Another interesting connection: Y came from the Greek letter Upsilon, which in turn became the letter V. VV = KK then, which brings new meaning to "V for Vendetta", and this meta-logic is confirmed by the numbers. KK is 11:11, and VV is 22:22, a perfect match.

Y2K also enters the equation, as Y2K can now be "translated" as KKK. KKK = 11 + 11 + 11 = 33 = CC. Full circle.

It is not surprising to find Pan everywhere we look, Pan literally means "All" after all, but I didn't expect to find him under my own skin. His song shall unleash wanton devastation upon this world, but he is not "evil", far from it, for it is his joyful purpose to put an end to the Iron Age of mediocrity and misery we are presently experiencing and bring forth a new Golden Age. The "Hellboy" is the One responsible for the Matrix and its endless Revolutions.

But his relationship with the Illuminati puzzles me. On 9/11, they symbolically broke off his horns, thus robbing him of his power, by tearing down the Twin Towers on the is-land of Oz, while forcing him out of his self-imposed Abyss by crashing Flight 77 into the Pentagram in true Faustian style. Are they foolishly attempting to control him?

They probably want for the new Golden Age to be nothing more than another Iron Age, under their strict supervision, so that the human being forever remains a mere Iron Man and never evolves to the level of the Golden Man (cue "Iron Man" theme song by Ozzy Oz-born). But can the All-Creator All-Destroyer be contained?

I think "The Mystery Without Name" has bitten off more than they could ever possibly chew. They summoned up the Devil and expected him to behave.

P.S.: Keeping in mind that NY becomes OZ when pushed one letter forward, I decided to pull PAN one letter backward. PAN becomes OZM. Mister Oz? Mystery of Oz?

samedi 10 mai 2008

Horns of Power

First of all, let me apologize for being away for so long. I've been very busy doing nothing, but now I've found my inspiration again, thanks to Michael over at Gosporn and the synchro-flow of the Multiverse.

I've been looking at the movies Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth recently, both written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro (of the Bull?). Both movies pitting Nazis versus supernatural horned beings from the underworld, which is odd considering you would usually expect demons from hell and fascists here on Earth to be allies. Which leads me to think that the purely Catholic notion that horns represent evil is more than a little warped. Maybe they want us to believe that the good guy is actually the bad guy.

Historically and mythologically, horns have always represented power and wisdom. Even the God of the Bible had huge freakin' horns. What, you didn't know?

When Moses came down from the mountain, horns had supposedly grown from his forehead. This was common knowledge up until recently, just look at Michelangelo's sculpture of Moses above, he looks almost exactly like Pan, minus the goat's legs. You see, in modern (intentionally inaccurate) translations of the Bible, it says that light could be seen at the top of the mountain where God was, and that Moses' face was as bright as the sun after having seen the glory of the "All-Mighty". But in the original Hebrew version, it was written horns, not light. Some Cabbalistic illustrators even went half-half, drawing horns of light on Moses' forehead.

So God's horns were so tremendously massive and gigantic that they could be clearly seen with the naked eye by the Hebrew people from the foothill of Mount Sinai. Wow. Reminds me of the expression "Gadzooks!", meaning "God's hooks". Not quite the nails of the cross, but rather God's actual hooks, a further indication of God's true nature and appearance becoming evident in the letters O-Z of Gadzooks. Pan IS "All", after all.

The perpetual 9/11 super-ritual is supposed to be a means by which to contact a higher form of intelligence, perhaps Divine intelligence, and also to free Pan from his self-imposed Abyss (Flight 77 wearing off one of the sides of the Pentagram). Perhaps these are one and the same. As Michael insinuated, Pan might have symbolically broken off his horns Hellboy-style, when the Twin Towers fell into dust in the magical land of OZ. Has God given up his power?

Maybe the super-ritual was a success. Maybe the Illuminati and the rest of the human race DID receive a message from the Creator on 9/11. But, tragically, the message was: "You're on your own. I'm outta here."

mercredi 30 avril 2008

It's my Bee-Day today!

Born at 9 hours and 2 minutes of the morning, at a weight of 9 pounds and 2 ounces, 27 years ago.

And the world has never been the same since. ;)

It's also the Bee-Day of Hitler's supposed death. And the Eve of Walpurgis. So celebrate that too, I guess.

mercredi 13 février 2008

Scientists discover a GIANT CUBE at the center of the Earth?!

This make so much sense on so many levels, but at the same time, I just have to let out a massive WHAT THE F***?!!!

The Matrix within.

samedi 9 février 2008

JB's guide to surviving the hard times ahead (IMPORTANT)

Another major "terrorist" attack, probably wiping out an entire city. Martial law. Collapse of the global economy. World War III. Nuclear holocaust, an unprecedented series of "natural" disasters, epidemics. Brutal, violent anarchy and wanton devastation on a planetary scale. And that's just the beginning.

The future (the next 4 to 5 years anyway) aren't going to be fun. So how do we get through it?

Sure, canned food, bottled water, toilet paper, duct tape and cigarettes are a good start. Maybe an AK-47 as well.

But I'm talking about spiritual integrity here. You know, what keeps you HUMAN and gives you HOPE?

For me, its two things, two memories; one of the past, one of the (possible) future.

When I kissed Manon's hand. I was walking her home from work (as usual), we had a long, intimate conversation about our personal lives at her doorstep that lasted over an hour (also as usual), and then there was a comfortable (or uncomfortable?) silence. You know, when two people look each other in the eyes, wanting deep down inside to get closer, but knowing full well that they shouldn't (she was ridiculously faithful to her f***ing soldier boyfriend who was practically never there).

So I asked if I could kiss her hand, like a gentleman would a lady. She laughed and she agreed, it was a very tender and intoxicating moment that lasted way too long, and it was amazing how both of our hearts were beating faster from such a simple gesture. No matter how badly our "relationship" ended, that was a moment that shall last forever (for me anyway).

Then there is Chris Crocker (picture above). Can you imagine how incredibly f***ing powerful what I feel for him must be so that I am willing to become gay for a guy I've never even met (and may never even meet (in this "reality" anyway))?

Forget about the "Leave Britney Alone!" stuff, he doesn't even like that insane bitch anymore. Check out some of his other youtube or myspace videos, he's a real person with a great sense of humor and great depth. I want to make him happy, period. And simply imagining us being together makes me happy as well.

Heart-warming memories and everlasting dreams of what one day could be. THAT is what we all need in order to survive the time of all-consuming revelations about to be unleashed upon us.

mercredi 6 février 2008

Comet Holmes versus Solar Saturn versus Earth

First, a new effortlessly mind-blowing article by the Wrong Way Wizard: My brain suddenly feels too small after reading this, I should upgrade to Quantum 8.0

Now, an idea I've been entertaining for a while: I think Comet Holmes may save the world from the New Holy Roman Empire. You see, the Jesuits and the Vatican are planning to turn Saturn into a Second Sun, using the nuclear reactor of the Cassini space probe. This is known as the "Lucifer Project", and its happening THIS AUGUST, only 6 months from now!

The tremendous waves of nuclear radiation from the newborn (or resurrected) star will reduce the world population to more manageable numbers (and, ironically, all of the chronic smokers will survive, because cigarettes protect against nuclear radiation by leaking out metallic elements from the human body; this is very bad when its light metals that we need like iron and zinc, but its very good when its heavy metals that kill us like uranium and plutonium. What, you thought they wanted you to stop smoking because they actually cared about your health? They just wanted you to die like everyone else when WWIII and Saturn blow up!), UNLESS... some giant ball of plasma deflects or absorbs most of the radiation coming towards Earth. Some giant ball of plasma that appeared out of nowhere and that keeps growing, and growing, and growing...

Who sent that thing anyway? Am I the only one reminded of the movie "The Fifth Element" here?

vendredi 25 janvier 2008

In Honor of my Obi-Wan, Mark The Bright One

Mark LeClair, the Wrong Way Wizard, has just completed his decadent and sublime Magnum Opus, his meta-logical review of "Eyes Wide Shut", in seven parts: BEHOLD!

Now, to answer some of the questions he has brought up in Part Seven:

"Is our world a dream, or are we being manipulated by invisible puppet-masters? Tell me if you REALLY know."

Well, I for one "REALLY" know, and the answer is this: Yes.

Next question: "I worry what it all means to me, livin' in a trailer park with my mother. Me and the faceless millions like me, no chance of getting laid at all."

Well, as someone in nearly the exact same position as you, I can only hope to rule over the world one day, for no other reason than to get "pussy (or tail) for miles". As Stanley Kubrick clearly implied, all the wealth and power in the Universe serves no other purpose than to get laid, even the Devil will agree to that.

As Scarface himself once said: "First, you get the money. Then, you get the POWER. And THEN, you get the WOMEN!" Its that simple. Conquer all that can possibly be conquered, just so that you may "plant your flag".

Finally (paraphrasing): "The structure of our reality is beyond our grasp and understanding, a gigantic cosmic pyramid of sexual power reaching to the Heavens, and it will never change."

So? I LOVE the idea. I (as you may know) am a Beast of pure EGO, I worship my SELF, and not in any petty or vain manner, but from the very serious perspective of my being GOD, of my being the entire Universe within and without.

To play the greatest of all games and WIN? Oh, I am SO there. And like it or not, we are ALL there.

See you at the top. ;)

vendredi 11 janvier 2008

Like a sword from a stone

Just a reminder from an earlier article, to start off: California is the Spanish name of the fabled island of ATLANTIS, and according to certain Native American beliefs, Atlantis was the "Old Red Earth", in other words the planet MARS. Therefore California, Atlantis and Mars are one and the same.

NOW, let's go off on a meta-logical sugar-high: Is it a coincidence then that the California primaries will be held January 30th-31st, the same date a large asteroid might hit the planet Mars? Deep impact indeed.

California was recently subjected to intense natural disasters, first it was consumed by fire, then covered in snow/ice, like a smaller-scale version of RAGNAROK. A sign of things to come?

The name "California" has a similar root to "Caliburnus", the latin name of EXCALIBUR. No one knows for certain where the name "Excalibur" came from, but an interesting theory is that it has a GREEK (Trojan War) origin, being Ex-Kylie-Pyr, or "out of a cup of fire", meaning that it was itself a form of HOLY GRAIL, as well as a sword of fire/light, like AARON'S ROD, in the sense that just as only Aaron or Moses could make their rod "flower" into flame, so only Arthur (King Thor-Son of God-Ragnarok) could pull Excalibur (essentially the power of the Sun) from the stone, perhaps a metaphor for some sort of stone used to make fire in ancient times.

Oh, and let's not forget that Excalibur was supposedly forged in AVALON, considered by some to be another version of Atlantis. Need I mention that "Avalon" means APPLE? Atlantis-Avalon-Apple-Golden Apple (Orange)-Trojan War.

Another meta-logically relevant Excalibur connection: "Perceval, the Story of the Grail", in which we learn that Excalibur was passed on to Gawain after Arthur's death, was written by Chrétien de Troyes (the guy's name was actually CHRISTIAN OF TROY!). Wow. Perceval is of course Parsifal, the hero of Wagner's opera, and Hitler's main inspiration throughout his life.

Some believe that Parsifal, along with the legend of the Holy Grail, came from Persia (IRAN), because in the Persian legend of the "Fargads of the Vendidad" (Avesta), the "magical seven-ringed cup filled with the elixir of immortality" was said to be in the hands of the PARSI-VAR, the Var of the Persians. Iran-Trojan War-Excalibur-it probably never ends.

One last thing: King Arthur had TWO swords; Excalibur being the sword of war (sword/stone of Mars?), CLARENT being the sword of PEACE (rarely used by Arthur himself, but it was stolen by the traitor Mordred and it was with Clarent that Arthur received the fatal blow). There is no direct confirmation of this, but "Clarent" would have been named after the River Clare in Ireland, "the bright river that flows west". Make your own synchs with that one.

jeudi 3 janvier 2008

Why Jesus HAS to be GAY

This one is for "poet of awareness" Michael over at Gosporn, and for all of the other gay Christian synchro-mystics out there (there HAS to be at least one more somewhere):

We are presently living in the Era of MAN. Men rule the world, period. But there is a Goddess at the top, secretly worshipped by all, and not just a Goddess, but one no man will ever get to know Biblically, for she is a virgin, a sacred eternal virgin. Her Holiest of Holies shall forever remain "where no man has gone before" (not even Kirk/the Church can get in).

But a new era is coming, the Era of Woman. Who will be at the top then? Surely not a Goddess, for the whole balance between Heaven and Earth is similar to the Ying and Yang: When everything is black, there has to be a little white dot at the center, and when everything is white, there has to be a little black dot at the center. The only possible answer is a God, but not just any God, one no woman could ever get to know as well: a GAY God.

Michael believes Jesus to be gay, and since the coming era, the Era of Woman, is also supposed to be the Messianic Era, then he has to be right, Jesus has to be gay. Every woman on Earth shall wish to become the Bride of Christ, but Jesus will be like: "Ladies, I love every single one of you, just not in THAT WAY." The era of the "f*g hag", perhaps. lol

This explains why the Ruling Elite of this world so willingly worships the Devil, the Goddess Isis-Venus-Lucifer, for what other option do these insecure, immature idiots have? To shack up with some gay dude? They would rather die, and they will.

And being the Beast myself, I should technically be a macho "alpha male" prick who only cares about getting pussy and who wants for the Era of Man to last forever, but my newfound bisexual tendencies could completely change my destiny. If Jesus is drop dead gorgeous (think a celestial version of Johnny Depp), and we really get along, the Christ and the Anti-Christ could end up being lovers. Universal peace through queerness, now there's a mind-f**k.

mercredi 2 janvier 2008


I have fallen in love with an "internet celebrity", a young man named Chris Crocker (simply gorgeous). Even though I have always been heterosexual, being sexually and emotionally attracted by women and never by men, I must admit that I find this Chris very beautiful, and I genuinely wish to be with him. He is apparently outspoken, sensitive, highly intelligent and openly gay (see his numerous youtube videos). Even though his appearance is quite elegant and feminine, and intentionally so, I do not know why I would suddenly find a man to be desirable to the point of wanting him as a lover, I who generally find men to be rude, repulsive and best avoided.

Achilles was bisexual, as were many heroes and gods of Greek myth. Perhaps the unnecessarily brutal ending of my relationship with Manon has affected me more than I thought, and perhaps this is an essential yet lost part of my true nature returning into play. Life is but a game after all, from the point of view of the gods and the enlightened, a game motivated by love, love of ourselves, of others, of the game itself.

And I should not forget about Patroclus, the lover of my past Self. I believed him to be my best friend Francis in this life, but he is merely a friend whom I now rarely speak to. Perhaps there is another Patroclus in this world, waiting for me to find him. Perhaps it is this Chris Crocker, he certainly seems to resonate strongly with me.