samedi 7 juin 2014

The Blur.

I met a very familiar stranger in a dream. He was Merlin, he was Prometheus, he was the archetypal wise old man who initiates us all in one form or another when we are finally willing to accept enlightenment.

To me, he looked like Alan Moore, wearing a pale grey suit that obviously belonged to someone else.

We were sitting at an ordinary kitchen table, besides a rather large television set, surrounded by "co-workers". I also knew them even though we had never met (not in my waking reality, anyway). We were all looking at books filled with pictures of breathtakingly elaborate crop circles and infinitely moving fractal patterns.

The wise old man, he told me: "What if all there is between you and other people is a blur?"

I looked at my hands, and they were so blurry that I could see through them. I heard a bone-chilling sound, like a washer and a dryer being thrown down the stairs, and suddenly woke up paralysed, terrified, and covered in cold sweat.

This was my very first DMT-induced experience, and it traumatized me something beautiful. Instant, visceral enlightenment that leaves me today with euphoria.

I now KNOW that the individual is as much a set of probabilities as an electron, neither here nor there, existing at many places at once. What if I had woken up in that parallel universe I briefly visited? This life would have been merely a "dream".

2 commentaires:

Michael a dit…

Like. Not much to add, it's difficult to convey DMT experience with words, but a credible job. I've had a lot of Merlin/owl syncs lately.

Anonyme a dit…

Many fine turns-of-phrase in this little nugget. Real writing. Glad yer still kickin'.